What better way to preserve your precious family memories than in beautiful portraits?

Your photo shoot will last approximately half an hour, which during this time 15 to 20 photos are taken. After your photo shoot you can view your images, during your viewing you will be able to select your favourite images and choose how you would like them to be presented. This is an important thing to consider as these images will last you a lifetime, so we offer a wide range of products to make sure we pick the perfect way to display your photos.

Booking Conditions

  • Studio shoot is free, only pay for prints you want.
  • Booking is to be done at least 1 day in advance.
  • Studio Shoots are done between 9am – 3pm from Mon – Fri and Between 9:30am – 11pm on Saturdays.
  • Please allow 24hrs for prints to be processed.
  • No more than 6 people per shoot.

Studio Pricing

A6 JUMBO (10 x 15cm) R 40.00
A5 (15 x 20cm) R 70.00
A4 (20 x 30cm) R 130.00
A3 (30 x 40cm) R 250.00
A2 (40 x 60cm) R 480.00
A1 (60 x 80cm) R 750.00
A0 (90 x 120cm) R 1 290.00
CANVAS (Including stretching)
A3 (30 x 40cm) R 750.00
A2 (40 x 60cm) R 1 300.00
A1 (60 x 80cm) R 1 800.00
A0 (90 x 120cm) R 2 400.00
1000px (A6-A5) R120 per image
2000px (A4-A3) R240 per image
4000px (A2-A1) R480 per image