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Cheap Versus Expensive Prime Lens: Can You Tell the Difference?

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Equipment News

The price range of camera lenses goes from very affordable to so expensive that you cant fathom a need to buy it in any business-like sense. In this video, I compare a budget lens to a reasonably expensive prime lens.

The difference between a cheap zoom lens and an expensive zoom lens is massive. Yet, an expensive zoom to a cheap prime usually lands in the prime’s favor. With this in mind, how much more lens do you get when you spend nearly four times more on some Carl Zeiss optics over the entry level Canon prime lenses?

The main take-home message in this video is that when you start spending big chunks of change, you see extremely diminishing returns. Can you spot the difference in a side-by-side comparison?

Rather than going for an incredibly technical test, which really only helps you understand how well a lens shoots a test sheet. I shot the same image at three apertures that I would regularly use in my commercial work for food clients.

I am not particularly fond of extreme sharpness, having been a portrait photographer and then moving into food photography. It isn’t really a sought-after characteristic of lenses in my line of work, but there are other factors that I consider here: color rendition and highlight control, as well as the build quality of the lenses.

Can you spot the difference between a cheap and expensive prime lens?

Article courtesy of Fstoppers